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Simon Contractors was founded nearly 50 years ago in 1954 by James E. Simon.

At the time, James E. Simon was just a guy who liked to play with big toys — the messier the job, the better. He started his company by taking-on any kind of construction job he could get his hands on. The projects started with minor building, concrete and pipe - and eventually asphalt work.

As project scope and size grew, so did Simon Contractors. To better accommodate increasing asphalt projects, Simon Contractors opened an asphalt plant in North Platte Nebraska in the late 1960's. The North Platte plant enabled the company to make asphalt a predominate part of Simon Contractors' business.

Throughout the 70's Simon Contractors opened three more locations. In 1983, James E. Simon purchased Read Ready Mix in Cheyenne — this facility empowered Simon Contractors to create concrete mixtures off-site and deliver in bulk to construction zones.

Simon Contractor's bridge division was another intuitive and decisive move by James E. Simon. He observed the tremendous financial opportunity in bridge building and maintenance. He aligned with the most capable professionals and made the new venture work.

Eventually, Simon Contractors grew out of their original East Fox Farm Road headquarters in Cheyenne and moved to its current South Industrial location.

The growth, diversity and quality work of Simon Contractors got the attention of Colas and they acquired Simon Contractors in November of 1994.

Simon Contractors has completed projects in most states west of the Mississippi River.

Today, Simon Contractors, a Colas company, still operates with the integrity, quality and reliability if was founded on 50 years ago - a distinction the company is proud to have fostered, and one that it is determined to continue.

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