About Us


Launched in 2013, our mission is to be the premier employment job board for the diesel-powered equipment industry including heavy equipment, cranes, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, on-highway trucks, lift trucks, industrial engines, marine engines, and electrical power generation equipment. Our site is free to job seekers and employers can post their jobs for a nominal fee (see Rates for details).

Why a niche job board?

When an employer posts opportunities on a generalist job board, they aren’t just targeting industry professionals—they are targeting everyone. At dieseljobs.com, we focus our marketing toward real, industry-specific candidates. This eliminates the need to filter through countless unqualified or out-of-industry applicants—resulting in a more refined, better qualified, higher quality candidate pool.

Why a daily rate?

No Contracts or Commitments.

Rather than charging an up-front flat fee for 30- or 60-day job postings, dieseljobs.com offers competitive pricing on a pay for what you use system, billed in arrears. Our rate is $10/day for the first job, and $5/day for the next eight jobs. Any additional jobs are at no additional fee. Whether posting 10 jobs or 100 jobs, the maximum daily rate is only $50.