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Don’t be the lead story on the nightly news!

When you are not on the jobsite a lot can happen. You could have tools go missing from your Jobox, have a missing excavator, or your equipment might end up in a lake. “He said he and Nelson broke into the construction site and drove the half-million dollar piece of heavy equipment around. Stys joined them the next night and was there when Nelson allegedly put a rock on the gas pedal to send the excavator into the lake.” (http://djobs.us/T9s)

Heavy equipment theft is a worldwide problem that does not seem to be slowing down. The NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) released 2013 statistics, and that data tells a scary story. “In 2013, a total of 11,486 heavy equipment thefts were reported to law enforcement—an increase of 5 percent from the 10,925 reported in 2012.” (http://djobs.us/rLq) With the recovery rate being only 21% it’s best to make sure your equipment does not go missing in the first place.

How can I prevent this? Here are six tips from the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) (http://djobs.us/rLq)

1. Install hidden fuel shut-off systems.

2. Remove fuses and circuit breakers when equipment is unattended.

3. Render equipment immobile or difficult to move after-hours or on weekends by clustering it in a “wagon circle.” Place more easily transported items, such as generators and compressors, in the middle of the circle surrounded by larger pieces of equipment.

4. Maintain a photo archive and a specific list of the PIN and component part serial numbers of each piece of heavy equipment in a central location. Stamp or engrave equipment parts with identifying marks, numbers or corporate logos.

5. Use hydro locks to fix articulated equipment in a curved position, preventing it from traveling in a straight line.

6. Use sleeve locks to fix backhoe pads in an extended position, keeping wheels off the ground.

Now take a second to enjoy that is not your piece of equipment.


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