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Human Resources and the Last Crusade

Petra ruins in Jordan

Helping you on your hunt for qualified applicants!

Where do your applicants come from? The answer to this question is the holy grail for human resource managers and recruiters! With this information you can trim the budget and get more qualified applicants.

Currently you have your openings posted on your company website, more job boards than you can count, and that is just the beginning.  Now you’re stuck having to continue with this broken strategy because you don’t know where your applicants are coming from. One easy solution is to just ask the applicants where they found your job, but this is one of the worst avenues for accurate data.

Recently AllRetailJobs.com did a survey of the applicants they sent to employers.

To be able to accurately track your applicants, you need to take the human guesswork out of the equation.  How can you do this?  You need an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  With the right ATS, you can track the exact source of candidates, allowing you to make a more informed decision in terms of budgeting.  Give us a call at 828.398.0220 and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction!

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