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The Great Driver Drought

California needs water and everyone needs drivers.

Everyone needs water, but little does everyone know they also need truck drivers. In 2012 trucks moved about 68.5% of all freight tonnage in the United States. These trucks carry your Twinkies, TV’s, cars, the device you are viewing this from, and even the building materials for your house. With the economy improving the freight volume is increasing, but the industry can’t add capacity because they can’t find truck drivers.

What is the issue?

Currently, large truckload turnover is at 95% and small fleets are at 90% according to the American Trucking Associations. With high turnover and the average age of a truck driver over 50, we have a large issue on the horizon.

“These figures show us that the driver shortage – which we now estimate to be between 35,000 to 40,000 drivers – is getting more pervasive in the truckload sector,” Costello said. “Due to growing freight volumes, regulatory pressures and normal attrition, we expect the problem to get worse in the near term as the industry works to find solutions to the shortage” (Reuters http://djobs.us/Jzu)

Semi-Trucks On The Highway

How the Government is trying help

Can the Government solve anything? They are trying to help solve the driver shortage by attracting drivers when they are young, and before they are in another profession. The largest issue in getting drivers early is that in order to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) as an interstate driver, the age limit is 21.  Then on top of that insurance companies mandate drivers be 21 or 23 years old, but Washington is looking at changing how you get your CDL.

To get your Class C license you went through a graduating licensing system. You received your learner at 15 or 16, and a full license around 18. “A graduated CDL program could work in much the same way as graduated licensing for motorists, allowing “provisional” license holders to drive only with a CDL-licensed driver present or restricting the hours, routes and conditions they may operate a truck.” (JOC http://djobs.us/1Ym)

But will a graduated CDL program work, or is it just a small bandage?


How dieseljobs.com is helping!

Everyone can do their part in helping the driver shortage that is if you still want your zebra cakes. At dieseljobs.com, we focus our marketing toward real, industry-specific candidates. This eliminates the need to filter through countless unqualified or out-of industry applicants — resulting in a more refined, better qualified, higher quality candidate pool.

We have also made it simpler for drivers and mechanics in the diesel industry to find the jobs they want. This is a niche industry where workers need to be certified, and when they use our site they find relevant jobs as opposed to digging through the “Be Our New Fry Cook” positions.


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